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Scroll down to see what various leaders have said about Scott and his role in their lives.

Dr. Chip Dodd

“Scott is a man of outstanding character, good at home, married successfully with a wife and children who love, trust, and feel protected by him. Scott is caring towards others, and a lover of Jesus.

Ann Voskamp

“Scott is a preeminent voice for our times. Very few pastors have more spiritually formed our family than his. And very few voices could change the conversation around our office watering holes, our family dinner tables, and across our aisles and fences like his.”

Tim Keller

“Scott is a gifted communicator, a committed shepherd, and a skilled leader. But above all, he is a man of integrity who can be trusted."

Sissy Goff and David Thomas

“We are grateful for a seasoned, graceful, and humble guide like Scott Sauls.”

Sandra McCracken

“Scott’s own vulnerability gives us something emotionally honest, confessional, and full of grace.”

Gov. Bill Haslam

“Scott pulled together a group of us who were all in leadership positions. That group became one of my primary foundations and support during my time in office and the eight of us experienced a lot of life’s joys and heartaches together."

Annie F. Downs

“Wanting to be culture shapers requires effort and focus and Scott pastors others toward that end. I'm grateful for Scott's voice in my life and in our culture."

Darren Whitehead

“Scott possesses a remarkable blend of intellectual depth and spiritual insight. He leads with humility and integrity, prioritizing the well-being and growth of others. He also has a unique talent for identifying and nurturing the gifts of others. Scott is a leader that other leaders want to follow.”

Jon Tyson

“With theological insight, cultural astuteness, and the compassionate tone of Jesus, Scott paints a way for the church to have influence without coercion, and put the brilliance of Jesus on display in a pluralistic world.”

Tom Douglas

“Scott is my friend. He will challenge you, make you mad and happy and cry and make you laugh. Art is supposed to make you feel something and glorify God all at the same time. I believe Scott accomplishes that!”

Joni Eareckson Tada

“My friend Scott Sauls knows a lot about leading people up and out of miry pits. It's because he has been in that pit."

Nate Morrow

“Scott is a good man. Certainly, he has his flaws, and if asked he will tell you all of them. Scott is a genuinely faithful man of God and I trust him as such. He has spent significant time and energy doing deep, hard work on himself.”

Dr. Curt Thompson

The power of Scott’s words lies beyond the words themselves. It is Scott’s life so thoroughly reflected in his words that will reveal your own sadness and joy, your travail and trust, your longings and griefs—on your way to being made new.”

Kaka Ray

“Scott is an amazing influencer. People want to work for and with him. He requires excellence and brings out the best in those around him. He is a breath of fresh air to those who value pursuing excellence.”

Keith Getty

“Scott takes on key issues in an honest, candid, humane, and Christ-like manner. I want to care more for my friends, be quicker to listen to others and yet with more conviction live for the God who offers us life in all its fullness. Scott is a helpful companion for this endeavor.”

Steven Garber

“Scott invites us all into an honest conversation about the things that matter most. But he does so as a friend, offering thoughtful, rich, pastoral counsel with love and respect, with listening and friendship. In our polarizing world, Scott’s vision is a gift for those who care for our common good.”

Jimmy Dodd

“Scott is a man of deep integrity. Scott has done deep work through intensive counseling and mentoring to go where few leaders have the courage to go. What you hear in his teaching and read in his books is a byproduct of this, and is also very much who he is in real life.”

Mattie Jackson Smith

“Scott reminds us that the ugliest parts of our stories are often the exact parts God works gently to heal and powerfully to transform us into the most beautiful versions of ourselves.”

Troy Tomlinson

“With grace and humility, my pastor and friend for over a decade, Scott Sauls, thoughtfully challenges the instinct to retreat into isolation on the one hand or into compromise on the other.”

Gabe Lyons

“Scott’s experience spans both the intellectual and the practical. He’s a breath of fresh air as a caring and thoughtful leader, one who carries a burden of sincere concern for our world while being a trustworthy and reliable guide.”

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